An Important Bracelet

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Red bracelet with heart
Red bracelet with heart

My object is a bracelet, it is long, red and has a heart in the middle and is handmade.  I wear this bracelet every day because it has a very important meaning for me since it represents a great friendship that has lasted more than 8 years. My best friend means a lot to me since she has helped me in the most difficult and important moments of my life. We have always been in the good times and bad moments in our lives. The bracelet was made in Nicaragua and we bought it in a craft stall. We decided to have something in common which is our friendship bracelet no matter what, we will always wear it. It does not just mean a simple bracelet for me, it means much more than that, it means all the good times we’ve had together. I never imagined getting connected with my best friend or with this bracelet. Since I left Nicaragua we talked by message and every time I look at my wrist and see the bracelet I remember all the good times and bad times we had. I miss our friendship every day and the bracelet that we share makes me feel a little closer to her despite the distance. 

Place(s): Nicaragua
Year: 2022

– L.C.B.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant