My Knitted Clothing

In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

    I never really knew about the knitted clothing my Mother had with her.  When I was asked to write about an immigrant object I went to my Mom.  I told her I needed an object to use for my immigration essay, she went digging in our closet and found a bag of clothing.  She told me about the knitted pieces made by your Grandma . She said that she received these pieces from her Mother when I was about 10 years old.   In the bag was a scarf and sweater.  When I saw the scarf I remembered that I used to wear this when I was a little younger.  When I was younger,  I always thought the scarf was store bought and did not attach any great value to them.     Once I found my artifacts I asked my mom how these pieces of clothing were made.  She told me that “Your grandmother entirely knitted the scarf and sweater in Egypt.” Now when I look at this clothing that my Grandma made I feel proud because I am able to see how much skill my Grandma had to make such beautiful pieces without any training.   I wished I had known her better.     I wanted to know when my Mother wore these knitted pieces in Egypt. She said,  I asked she would wear this clothing whenever he could, especially during special occasions in Egypt, such as, Eid and Ramadan . She also wore them to school sometimes.     My Mother must have felt proud wearing something her Mom made with her own hands.  I am so glad I knew this about my family.       

Place(s): Egypt
Year: 1995

– Jannah

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant