German Dress

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My artifact is a blue German dress, it is my mothers. It is blue and my aunt has a red one.(all those I never seen it ) The fabric is not stretchy at all , is kind of ruff has and buttons in the  front there is also an apron that goes with it.  The apron has stripes on it the colors on it are blue, white, blue, white. As part of the outfit You have to wear a shirt to go with it ,it is short sleeves the shoulders are puffy, and the whole shirt is white. The dress was able to fit my sitter, sadly she only wore it once. She doesn't like dresses actually. I would hope that someday I could  be able to go and  see the world  that  my ancestors lived in. my mother has all ways wanted to go back and  revisit the the life she used to live  once more.My mother has always tried so hard to remember the day of her life in germany  but can’t seem too. Because she was really little.
 My father was in Germany on religious business, some  people know this as a mormon mission. It is were  a mormon boy or girl  18 and up can go  to a new country(or state) to  share are mormon colcher with others.   As part of the mission  you have a partner to teach with you.  My they served on opposite sides. My father has dreamed in his sleep that he  has been back with me and my family and that he could so us everything. I to dream of the day that I could live like my father and mother.       

Place(s): Germany

– K

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant