American Schools

Relationship: Im/migrant

When my family came to America, we were shocked by totally different education system. American schools make students change classroom, but Korean schools make teachers move. Korean schools have 10-minute break time, but American schools have only 2-3 minutes short break time even when they need move to another classroom. First semester of the year, school bus, vacation, activity...... everything is different,
My daughter's first day in American school, one of the classmates told her "I like your shoes". But she didn't understand what that meant, so she couldn't answer. My son's teacher asked him "what is the white horse color?", and my son answered "I don't know". Every classmates had laughed. Unfortunately, my son didn't understand English well that time. At the first time, my children had tough time in American schools. But now, after graduating university my daughter works at a hospital. My son also studies at one of the top universities.
Sometimes difference can be stressful to us. But, if we think differently, it is exciting thing in our lives, because life is a journey and an adventure. During the adaptation period, my family grew and became stronger than before. 

Place(s): Korea

– Young Kim

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant