My Father

The first picture is of my father, when he graduated from community college in California in the late 80s. The second is him in Germany where he was granted asylum after fleeing Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion. My dad is now a guy that hangs out in Queens. He looks more like the first picture right now. My father was an immigrant and forged the life of many immigrants before him; wife, 2 kids, middle-class home with a mortgage. My father is proud of his accomplishments, like many Afghans are. Although they have out-dated and unrealistic expectations of their children (i.e. myself, the first generation Afghan-Americans,) these expectations are eventually subjected to the whim of such children. Yet, they are often comfortable, as seen in these photos, maintaining a semblance of "home" through religion, marriage, and work.

Place(s): Afghanistan, Germany, California,Queens
Year: 1980

– beheen r.

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