The Golden Ring

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This ring is special to my family who had passed it on from my great-grandmother all the way to me. This ring represented opportunity and symbolized a traditional belief that "through hard work and motivation success will follow". My mother was born in Palestine, a country with little choice and opportunity. At a young age, my grandmother would teach my mother the necessities of life in order to prosper. My mother learned to set goals higher than expected in her environment. After marrying my father, my parents both decided to move to America for most reasons all immigrants seek to move to America; better chances, more opportunity, and freedom. My parents moved and while my father worked in local places where he built his connections, my mother took care of the children at home. My father eventually created work of his own where he combined all his restaurant experience into one business. After my father was diagnosed with cancer, his business started to slow due to the inability to work. My mom decided that through hard work and motivation not only would success follow but she would be able to overcome unfortunate life chances. My mother, after working locally in small shops, landed a job with the city where she helped provide for her family. My mom was motivated to succeed in this country for the love of her family and for the success of them. This ring represents the inspiration that helped motivate my mother and will be the inspiration that helps motivate me. 

Place(s): Palestine
Year: 1983

– Sundos Khweiss

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant