Popeye's Chicken

My dad is from Haiti and migrated to U.S in 2009. His first job was at a sanitation company to clean snow and when the contract ended, he found a new job at Popeye's chicken. A fast food store that is busy and a lot of people come to buy food everyday like an ocean that never run out of water. My dad been working there as a fryer for six years, 4 days, 8 - 6pm at $9.50/hour. “This job is too hot, flour get in my hair and I sometime get burned too.” He want the government to raise the minimum wage to $15 because “$9.50 is not enough to pay rent, bills, food, etc.” Wednesday is the most busy day because of a special they give of 8 pieces of chickens for $7. “When it is too busy like that, I cannot leave at 6pm and people would come buy 124 pieces of chickens.” Last year, my dad had a serious burned on his hand. With his burned hand, he still worked, yet his wage did not get raised up and the manager didn't even bother to ask him how he is feeling. He was so mad that he wrote them a letter to tell them the he will take a month vacation even though they don’t pay vacation but to heal his hand and if they don’t raise his wage, he would quit and look for another job. Because he is such a good fryer worker like a bee making honey, they call him many time but he didn’t want to answer them and when he finally answer, they ask him to come back to work. So he decided to keep working. Even though the hand is healed, but it is a scar that he will forever live with.

Year: 2015

– kenelson

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