99 names of God

Relationship: Im/migrant

 Growing up in Iraq I used to see a lot of art that my father and uncles made. Most of the men in my family are carpenters and sculptors and that job was from my grandpa and he passed it to my dad and my uncles and now they passed to my brothers and cousins. They love art and they love making unique pieces from wood. They never sell them they always keeps them in the family house. I love their art, but when me and my family left Iraq we were unable to bring anything with us, I remember my parents especially my dad was so sad about the pieces they left. My dad  quit his job, he never made anything anymore in the United States. This piece, my uncle made. In Islam there are 99 name of god and he made all the names from a thick colored papers in Arabic calligraphy and the original piece is in his house in Iraq, but last year I asked my dad why we don't print it out and keep it here and we asked my uncle that we are going to do that he was so happy about and I'm pretty sure that my dad loves looking at the piece every day. I wish to go back and see all the pieces that are left in Iraq.

Place(s): Iraq/art
Year: 2013

– SA

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant