World Trade Center Souvenir

frontal view of souvenir
frontal view of souvenir

My object is a crystal glass souvenir of the World Trade Center and Statue of Liberty. It came into my possession through my mother, who visited the World Trade Center in 1999, two years before the horrific events of September 11th, 2001. This object is very symbolic to me now because it served as a memory of how we once lived as New York citizens before September 11th, a life without as much fear and need of security. What was thought to be a regular morning in New York city ended up being one of the most historic events of all time. I remember looking at the glass as a kid and being amazed at how it reflects the light. It's one of the few rare items I have in my possession and i'm glad to still have it with me today!

Place(s): New York City, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty
Year: 1980

– Jarlyn

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