Lesbian Flag

The flag my mother bought for me.
The flag my mother bought for me.

    In my fifth grade class, kids would always tell me, “you’ll probably turn into a lesbian at an all-girls school.” or, ”everyone there(TYWLS) is probably gay.” It made me hide away from confronting who I was. They weren't making these claims to support me, or make me feel better, they were trying to be hostile, making it seem like I could choose to be gay. It was always constant teasing, it always left me discouraged to be completely me. When I started attending TYWLS in 2017, I could finally confront the part of me that I desperately tried to hide from the world. The friendly environment of TYWLS they provided gave me the confidence to ask my mom to take me and my best friend to pride. It was anxiety-inducing to think about asking her. Still, I asked her and she said yes, and in the summer heat of June 2018, my mother, Ruby, and I attended pride. June of 2019 marked the second year of this tradition, Ruby joined us again this year, this was the year my mother bought the lesbian flag for me. I've had it hanging in my room ever since I got it. The flag represents, as said by Ruby “How far lesbians have come and how much they’ve fought.” While talking to Ruby, she also said something that resonated with me, “I have pride because no matter what anybody says I’m still me.”

Place(s): New York
Year: 2019

– TN

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