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Mother's hand with rings
Mother's hand with rings

My mother wears several rings on her ring finger. One of the rings was given to her by my father and the ring with a large diamond was passed down from my great grandmother. She immigrated to America from Ireland when she was very young and married my great grandfather. My great grandfather was also Irish and they had my grandma and her two other siblings. After my grandma and my grandfather married they had seven children. My mom's name is Grace after her grandma, my great-grandma, and they grew extremely close. The family dynamic was crazy at times since it was so large but my great-grandma always gave my mom, the middle child, the attention she needed. Before my great-grandma died she gave my mother her wedding ring as a remembrance of her. This wedding ring meant so much to my great-grandma since she found life and love in America after immigrating and growing a huge family. She passed down many lessons to my mom and her siblings that my mom has shared with me. Great-grandma Grace believed that family was the most important thing in her life and I do too. I can always rely on my mom as she relied on her grandmother. My mom told me that she will give me this ring before she passes away and I plan to continue to pass this down to my daughter. This ring will always remind me how important family is and how growing a family is one of the most impressive accomplishments in life. 

Place(s): Ireland and America

– QC

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more