Mask with mickey mouse design

In Attire

This is the mask that I used to use when I was in Nepal. As I lived in city, our city is dry and polluted. The roads there are sandy and lot of air pollution. So, I used to wear a mask to cover my mouth because I feel difficult to breathe in air with the smoke and pollution near me. When we wear a mask for a day, it gets easily dirty that is the reason why I had so many mask of different designs and colors and my friends used to tell me that I should open a mask collection store. I cannot withstand the smokes or dust that is why I used to wear mask but it became my day to day work to wear it when I go out. This particular mask is related to my immigration story as it was gifted by my best friend. Whenever I had the mask it brought the sweet memories of my best friend. The main connection is I forget that mask back in Nepal. I was searching for it everywhere to bring that mask with me when I came to U.S but I could not find and I did not bring it with me. The interesting thing is my aunt from Nepal sent some jackets I left in Nepal because I loved those jackets and I was not able to bring it. So, my aunt sent me. After getting those jackets I was going to wash it when I search the pockets I found my old mask given by my best friend. I felt it was a dreamlike thing. I got surprised as I got my mask back from Nepal.

Year: 2016

– Lakpa sherpa

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