Wedding Portrait

Hovhaness Pounardjian Wedding Portrait
Hovhaness Pounardjian Wedding Portrait

My Grandfather, Hovhaness Pounardjian, was a survivor of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. When he was two years old, he, along with the rest of his family were forced from their homes by the Ottoman Turks. He marched from Sepastia (modern-day Turkey) to Aleppo, Syria. The march lasted six months and he lost the majority of his family (Including his parents) due to starvation. After the Armenian Genocide, he went to an orphanage In Beirut, Lebanon as both his parents had died. He then went to the Melkonian School In Cyprus. After completing his studies at Melkonian, he moved backed to Beirut where he met his future wife (my Grandmother) and he worked as a hospital administrator. He married my Grandmother In 1943 and raised an Armenian family. He spoke seven different languages. Despite the difficult circumstances and hardships he faced, he Is a testament to the strength and resiliency of the Armenian spirit. He Is an Inspiration to me and my family.

Place(s): Sepastia, Armenia and Beirut
Year: 1915

– Razmig Pounardjian

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant