Buddhist Statue

Buddhist Statue made out of gold
Buddhist Statue made out of gold

  My object is a statue of a Buddhist statue made out of gold that my grandmother passed down to my family. It was made in Taiwan, where my grandmother came from. My grandmother passed down the statue when my parents got married; and in turn, praying to the 20 year old statue has become tradition, as each year on my grandmother’s birthday - who has since passed - we pray to the statue and talk to her. The statue symbolizes that even after death, my grandmother still has a powerful, lasting impact on my family. The statue carries on my grandmother’s memory and her tradition. The Buddhist statue was extremely important to my grandmother, it held religious and cultural depth to her; when she gave my parents the statue, she was giving them a part of her life to incorporate into theirs. Each year on her birthday, the entire household carries a sense of unity that will forever stick with me. This object shows me that although my grandmother has passed away, experiencing her culture once every year is extremely important, as I didn’t know her that well. The Buddhist Statue lets me take a look into her religion and who she was before she passed away.

Place(s): Taiwan

– oc

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant