Wallet with cultural ornaments

In Attire

My object is this wallet. The ornaments on it are called oyu (pronounced: o-u). It comes in different shapes, colors, and types. Oyu is like a jewelry for clothes, blankets, dishes, and etc. It's been in my culture since the 10th century. Even the flag of my country has oyu on it (Kazkahstan). In fact, the flag has the same colors of oyu on this wallet.

Oyu is important to my family and me because it constantly reminds us of Kazakhstan and my grandparents. I remember my grandma used to always sit at home and make her other kids and my parents blankets, pillows to decorate the house or just to use them. Having small something to remind my family of our home is everything and being able to carry my wallet around means a lot to me and my family 

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