La pollera

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is my mother wearing la pollera.
This is my mother wearing la pollera.

      A pollera can come in many different styles. In Ecuador, it is a skirt that reaches up to the knees and is made out of cotton or wool. The blouse worn with the skirt is made out of lace. It can come in a variety of colors. But the one my family uses is a red skirt with bright floral decorations. The blouse can be either purple or white, depending on the occasion. A cloth is then placed on top of the blouse. Everyone in my family has a pollera. If you go to their house just ask “may I see the pollera?”         Furthermore, Ecuador isn't the only country that uses polleras. The pollera from Panama is large and has three segments. Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia uses polleras as well. Every country has their own reason as to wearing the pollera. In my country we use it as style. However, in New York it is worn when we are doing dances. If it's not for dances, than it is worn for a ritual to a certain gods and goddesses.         Lastly, this piece of clothing is connected to my identity because it is part of my culture. It is part of the Ecuadorian dances that my family and I dance. It is part of my Ecuadorian heritage. When we wear our polleras the events are more exciting and memorable. I am proud to be an Ecuadorian and I am proud to wear my pollera. 

Place(s): Ecuador
Year: 1994

– Merlin Gomez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant