Hand knit, crochet sweaters

In Attire

The photos show two sweaters that my mother knitted and crocheted for my older sister. She wore them when she was about 4 or 5 years old in Hong Kong. My mother and sister were separated from my father for about 10 years while they were living in Hong Kong from 1951-61. My father lived in NYC. My parents were married in 1949 in China. They departed for Hong Kong shortly after. Even though my father was a WWII vet and my mother was a war bride, my father could not get his wife and daughter into the US until he participated in the Chinese Confession program - that would absolve his entering in 1937 into the US with false papers (a paper son). Luckily he was not deported and my mom and sister came in 1961 carrying those sweaters. Since then, my sister, I, and my daughter have all taken turns wearing those sweaters.

Year: 1961

– Margaret M. Chin

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