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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 “Because he's a boy” 
Ever since my little brother started to have an interest in basketball, I’ve noticed a few changes. I’ve always knew that in my culture and religion boys and girls are different and treated differently as well, but I never experienced it first hand because my parents always treated us all the same. Then when my brother started playing basketball things changed. I started to have an interest in volleyball last year and I joined the school volleyball team. My parents didn't want me to join at all. They would say things like “sports aren't for girls” or “your a girl why do you care so much about sports”. Sometimes they would tell me to stay home and not go to practice. I finally found the reason. “Because he’s a boy”. That was their answer. Simply because he was a boy. So because he’s a boy he can play sports and go out with friends. Because I’m a girl all I can do is go to school, clean the house and learn how to cook real good so that one day someone will come and ask for my hand in marriage. The fact that girls and boys are treated so differently is really unfair. I’m capable of doing everything if not more than what my brother can do. It’s a good thing that my generation thinks differently. We know that girls are capable of doing things that boys do.  We know that just because he’s a boy, doesn't mean a thing. 

Year: 2000

– Aicha Conde

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant