Play Station Five

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I got the elusive gaming console, the PlayStation5, for my birthday. 
My parents are divorced, so I live with my father half the time and my mother half the time. My birthday this time was with my father. 
It was just a normal birthday. This birthday was not a friend birthday party. That party happened a while ago.
Anyways, everyone had pizza. The pizza was delicious. Thick crust, and thick thing that's between the cheese and the crust. Yum. Pizza. 
After the pizza, there was cake. Delicious cake. My favorite kind, ice cream. The ice cream cake had five main layers, being cake and then ice cream and so on, ending in cake. And the icing was AMAZING too!
I don't think I'll forget the gasp of surprise I made when I unwrapped the game console that looked like a wifi router. I don't think I'll forget rushing up to my room, dropping the PlayStation in my rush, and caught it before it hit the floor. I don't think I'll forget trying to plug it into the television in my room, without success, until eleven at night. 
But let me rewind a bitI finished the cake last, wanting to open presents. I opened my sister's present first. It was a book I had been wanting for a LONG time. "Awesome," I said, smiling sweetly at my sister. "Thanks!" I then got myself the BIG present. It was giant, like the size of my bookbag! I looked at it for a second, and I finally unwrapped it. I found... A PlayStation5. Awesome! The rest is the details. But I'm done writing.

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