Virgin of Guadalupe Pendant

In Mexico the dominant religion is Catholicism. The Virgin of Guadalupe is not only an important figure in Catholicism, but she is patronized from people of Mexico. The Virgin of Guadalupe is known for making miracles come true. Many people have faith in her, and many name their kids after her. On December 12th, people would travel from all parts of Mexico to Mexico City where the Virgin of Guadalupe Basilica is located to celebrate the saint’s birthday. As a child you are given a pendant, ring or earrings of the saint as a way to protect you everywhere you go. When Raul, one of my cousins, was immigrating to United States he brought his necklace that he had since he was baptized. The pendant was the Virgin of Guadalupe. Raul was coming in illegally. He crossed the border. The pendant was a way to remind him that he was not alone. The Virgin of Guadalupe was with him. Every time he was scared and did not know where he was, he would hold the pendant and remind him of home. The Virgin of Guadalupe was his guidance and strength to not give up in his journey to United States.

Year: 1989

– Alma Ramales-Flores

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