It has 7 spaces for candles.
It has 7 spaces for candles.

 My Menorah  Recently we have been looking into our culture more and you had to pick an object and write about it. The object I chose was a Menorah. It has  nine spaces to hold candles. It is also silver. It was my Grandmother's Mothers Menorah. My Bubbe gave it to my Mom and we use it every year for Hanukkah. We use it to celebrate Hanukkah. We light 1 candle each night for 8 nights. There is the helper candle that is in the middle. You use this candle to light the other candles. You Light them from left to right.We light the Menorah as a family. We have a few Menorahs and we use a few of them every night for Hanukkah. The Menorah we use is made of silver I think. It also has green felt on the bottom. The Menorah reminds me of when the Jews were attacked by the Romans and were not allowed to be jewish. So the jews lit the menorah but they thought it would only last for one night. It lasted for 8 nights, it was a miracle, so we light the candles every year for 8 nights to remember. Also we get presents!!I chose a Menorah because my Grandma is Jewish and we use it every year on Hanukkah. I know it is very special to my Mother. Our family passes down a lot of special things from the older people in my family. A question I have about the Menorah is where my Grandma got the Menorah? Did she buy it or make it? Or was it given to her by her mom or Dad? What country did it come from? Because my Great, Great,Grandmother was from Ukraine. The Menorah makes me think about Hanukkah. It makes me happy because I get presents on Hanukkah although Hanukkah is in December of every year.

Place(s): Ukraine

– MT

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more