Yellow tourmaline pendant

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is a yellow tourmaline pendant
This is a yellow tourmaline pendant

My grandfather, residing in now Mumbai, India during the time, was captivated by the American Dream. He dreamt of a home, preferably in a safe suburb, with white picket fences, along with a vast grass backyard. Calling upon his great faith in the polytheistic Hindu religion, through prayer and persistence, the American Dream was forming into a real possibility. Within the Hindu religion, followers will often seek the guidance of a pundit in the midst of crucial situations. For example, when determining a baby’s name, a pundit’s suggestion is greatly taken into consideration. My grandfather, being a traditionalist, decided to seek out one’s help. Through long search for reliable advice, he was led in many directions by neighbors and close companions. However, the meeting takes place and unexpectedly enough, the pundit, with great patience of course, pieces together my grandfather’s tough dilemma. He strongly advises him to chase new beginnings in the land of opportunity, sending him off with a yellow tourmaline pendant that is supposed to protect him through all life’s challenges. The pendent has kept him safe throughout all these years in America and my grandfather has provided me, along with his other children, with limitless opportunities in America.

Place(s): Bumbai (now Mumbai), India and Queens, New York
Year: 1971

– K

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant