Jug of water

Relationship: Im/migrant
Haitian mother holding a jug of water
Haitian mother holding a jug of water

Cruche (french) , Krich in Haitian Creole This object is a jug of water , it’s made with clay, this pot has a lot of meaning for the people in country.The households use it to stock water on it and in the Haitian voodoo it’s a valuables artifact because they use it in Spiritual ceremonies. In the household of elderly people specially in the countryside this object is considered as an object not to touch, children can’t go by themselves and take water on it. The jug of water is considering as one of the things helping to prevent health because it’s made with Clay , in some villages in Haiti people can’t afford cold water so they use the pit to keep the water fresh.  The pot is something very cultural in Haiti, every family has a pot of this kind in their home it’s like something that passed down through every family even if your are a Christian family. 

Place(s): Haiti

– Rose Darline Roseme

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant