The Virgin Mary

Relationship: Im/migrant

Ever since I was a young kid, I always looked up to The Virgin Mary and said my prayers to her. To this day, I still look up to her and say my prayers to her most of the time. In my room I have a figure of her on the wall. When my life gets rough, I go up to her and start telling her about all my difficulties and tell her to help me in any way possible. On Sunday mornings I go to church by myself and listen to the mass as it goes along. Every morning when I leave my house, I pray and tell myself, Let me have a good day and let my future be bright. I am working towards my future and I am going to make sacrifices to get what I want. If you make big sacrifices in life, you will get good results at the end. The Virgin Mary always protects me in life. Why have I always looked up to her when I’m Ecuadorian? I’ve always looked up to her because I grew up around Mexican people and all of my babysitters were Mexican and almost all of my friends are from Mexico. My neighborhood is mixed but most of it is Mexican people. (Sunset Park) My mom and I want to go to Mexico to visit the statue and hear the mass of The Virgin Mary. 

– Byron

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant