My story is about candles that we use in church. Candles are important to my religion because for Christians, the church candle is a gift in support of prayer. There is a candle called the Seraphim candle that compares with human life. Its materials have different meanings. Wax-a faith, the candlestick- the hope, the fire- love. For the believer, the church candle is an expression of love for God and the angles. This is part of God’s power to help in difficult moments in life. Church candles determine the status of the service, used to express the worship of the divine light. The strength of the candle is cleansing properties, which has all-consuming flame. Negative thoughts and negative energy, disease- all are burned by fire. Since ancient times, people have started to use a candle as a magic tool. Now none of the rituals are complete without candles. Candles remind me of when I was younger. I had a very sad but funny memory of the time when I burned my hair because I was falling asleep during our new year celebration.

Year: 2015

– Valerie Silova

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