I love Jesus and I love Jewelry. It's such a cool thing for me to have physical reminders of whom I trust and where I put my faith, and the part of my identity that informs how I see all my other identities. They don't represent just my immigrant story, but all my stories, of being at once a Jamaican and an American, of being a black man in mostly non-black contexts, of coming from low-income backgrounds and attending one of the most expensive universities in the world. I live in a liminal tension, drawn to silence and passivity, all while anger and frustration abound within me. So trust in Jesus doesn't just give me hope for better days; it reassures me that I have a home even when I don't see one here, that there is legitimacy to my story and those of those around me. That reconciliation and peacemaking aren't lofty theories or abstract concepts. They exist as a person, one with whom I'm well acquainted. Love Love Love.

Year: 2001

– Shaquille S.

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