Is a necklace with a cross
Is a necklace with a cross

This object is a necklace that belonged to my grandmother and has a cross that represents our religion.  My grandmother couldn’t give me this necklace by herself, because she was living in another state, so when my mom was going to Rio de Janeiro to see her before we came to the United States, she gave this necklace to my mom and said that it was important that I have it. This object represents religion but also reminds me of her. I use this necklace every day, because she said that it’s important for her. When my grandma was using this object she said that she was feeling safe and gave her hope when she needed and when she was going to another state and didn’t know if she was doing the right thing. She was going to this new state because my mother gave her advice, so she was going there because she wasn’t feeling safe.

Place(s): Brazil

– Bianca

Relationship:  unknown unknown