Anchor necklace

Relationship: Im/migrant

My silver Jesus necklace, it is on a rudder made of pink gold, on an enormous gold anchor made of 14k gold, wrapped with ropes, which then becomes the necklace that I carry on my neck. For others, it is only a necklace, but for me, it represents protection, a guide to life, and a connection with my dad and grandma. It was made in the United States, when my dad was living in the Dominican Republic, he was in the process of obtaining his papers to come and live in the United States with my mom and my older brother, but my dad arrived first. When my dad arrived, my grandma gave him this necklace because she was glad that he has arrived safe. After a few months, my dad returned to the Dominican Republic and he gave this necklace to my mother to protect her and my brother during their trip to the United States. After a few years, I was born and my parents divorced five years after. Since that time, I had a difficult childhood because I never understood why my parents had divorced and when I turned nine years old, my mom gave me this necklace. Before giving me the necklace, she told me, “I am giving you this necklace to end your suffering so you can always have your dad and grandma in your heart, keep yourself firm in all your decisions, and to guide you in life, I bless this necklace for you so it can always take care of you from all the evil, I love you.”

Year: 1992

– Flower

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant