My object is called uunsi which is an incense that is used for its fragrance inside homes.My mom loves it, ¨uunsiga noo shid” she would say which basically means put on the uunsi.This object came from Jijiga, Ethiopia which is where I was born and raised at. I pretty much grew up with this object so I knew it ever since I was a child. I chose this object because I love the smell and most importantly it reminds me of home, where I was born. This object makes me feel relaxed, loosen up, chill, etc. The uunsi is placed on top of a hot charcoal in a fire raiser which is known as girgire. Girgire typically has one or two handles and it is commonly used in Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia. I usually use uunsi when the cooking smell inside the home have vanish, itś intense and sweetish smell invades the entire house. 

Year: 2011

– RA

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child