Relationship: Im/migrant
First family members to come to the US.
First family members to come to the US.

I never really thought about my ancestors and how they might have come to the US. My family member that is most connected to the object I chose, is my Grandpa Barry. My object is a photograph of my family that first came to the US, the people in the photo are my grandpa's grandparents. We aren't sure when and why this picture was taken, but all we know is it was taken in the US.My grandpa’s Grandparents are Philip (Paisi in Hebrew), and Sadie. Philip came from Russia, and Sadie came from Ukraine. Before they came to the US, Philip was a wild horse trainer for the Red Army. When they came to the US, he became a junk dealer (picking up trash on the street and selling it for more money), and Sadie made cigars at a cigar factory, in Newark, New Jersey. That was until they both opened up a candy shop together. Sadie was able to read, speak, and write four different languages (Russian, Polish, Yiddish, and English). My father's side of the family is Jewish. I mention that because if they hadn’t come to the US, my family today wouldn’t be able to to gather for dinner and celebrate Hanukkah. This photograph is very important to my family and I because we love to know about our past, and our ancestors, and how they fought to get here.

Place(s): Russia, Ukraine, New Jersey

– Emma O.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant