Picture of Grandma

My grandmas picture means everything to me she is 50% percent Indian I am 10% Indian she used to tell me the stories about her and her husband how they moved to United States. My grandma passed last year and that really sadden my heart and everyone in the family she held the family together. When I had something on my chest I would tell her and she would make me feel a lot better by telling inspirational things to cheer up my day she had this affect on everyone she crossed paths with. When there was an event especially holidays everyone would gather at my grandmas house because it was the center piece of the whole holiday everyone loved my grandma even as her sons and daughters grew they told the stories to their kids and they grew to love grandma too. When she past last year everyone's happiness was gone she was 90 years old but no one wanted her gone we would hope she would make it to 100 but now that she is gone my family isn't the same anymore because she's not here. I plan as her grandson to hold onto her stories and live out her legacy.

Year: 1940

– Allen Robinson

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