O'Callaghan House

A nice house in Brooklyn
A nice house in Brooklyn

This is the O’Callaghan/Casey Family house.This house is in Brooklyn and it is over ninety years old. It was built in 1925. It was first owned by my great grandparents. This house was passed down to my grandfather, then to my father. Now I live in this house with my family. 
My great grandparents raised their ten kids in this house. My grandparents raised four children in this house and my parents are raising my two sisters and myself in this house. My parents will pass down the house to my older sister and then to her kids.

If my great grandma and great grandpa were still alive I would ask them what it was like living with 12 plus people? How did you find the house? How much money was the house?


Place(s): Brooklyn

– MO'C

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