Ukrainian Dolls

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My object is a set of dolls that my parents got from Ukraine. They’re made out of straw, wheat, and cloth. They are also wearing traditional Ukrainian clothing, items like: flower crowns with ribbons, ”vyshyvanka”(loose white shirts with red or blue designs), patterns, etc. The dolls represent the members of the family: the mother, the father, and the two children. I chose this object because it’s a tradition in Ukraine (though not all people practice it). When I first saw it, I asked my mom why we have it. She said that it is thought to bring good luck and good fortune in the house and within the family. It’s also meant to keep the family together and protect the house (that’s what my mom told me). We’re also the first generation in our family to have that kind of set of dolls. I think it’s supposed to be passed from person to person but I’m not so sure yet. This assignment will make me talk to my parents and see if they have the answer to this question. While I was talking with my mom about the dolls, she said that in Russia and Ukraine, there are other objects that are similar to the dolls. For example: a horseshoe for good luck, a little doll to protect the house and/or a christian cross to represent God and his crucification. Overall, this object is important to me because it’s a part of me, my family, and my culture and to me they are really valuable and I am proud to have those dolls in my house.

Place(s): Ukraine
Year: 2015

– D

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant