Grandpa's Good Luck Charm

In Fun

The elephant is meant to be placed in your home and is supposed to bring the home richness in not only terms of wealth but also in terms of the many children and just general prosperity and happiness. This object is an old collectible  found by my Grandpa at a market place when he was traveling around China for his job. Despite my Grandpa not being apart of Chinese culture he had taken the shiny white elephant . After he had went home back to Haiti and following the rules of culture he placed the elephant upon one of his shelves in the living room. During the years before falling upon the charmed elephant my Grandparents had been trying to have a child and even though they had two children already they both had always wanted a big family. Finally a year after the elephant was placed into their home in Haiti my Grandma was pregnant with a healthy baby boy and the following years after, they had two kids. My Grandpa had found this as a blessing that had fallen upon him and would always speak of the beautifully charmed porcelain elephant. He had believed so much in it that he had begun collecting elephants with,  that after years of collecting it was time to pass the tradition and elephants down to the first child born after the elephant was placed in his living room, my dad. He had given it to my dad a few years after the family moved to America. Furthermore he had also emphasized to follow a tradition of passing the antique to the first child which is me. 

Place(s): China, Haiti
Year: 1987

– Jessica Jean-Baptiste

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant