Travelling Cloth

When I was a few months old, I got Christened in my grandmother’s church. All my godparents attended, and I was pretty young so I don't know what really went on (I was sleeping the whole time according to my mom, until I had the oil on my head, I woke up confused). The dress represented generations of tailoring inside of my family. My dress was tailored by my grandmother, which before was my mother's christening dress. When my mother was born (back in Barbados) my grandmother made my mothers dress. But where did the fabric come from? Simple: her wedding dress. My grandmother created my mom's dress, from her own wedding dress, which she made by herself. And before it was my grandmother's wedding dress, it was my great-grandmother’s wedding dress. The fabric came from a already tailored dress, which my great- grandmother took apart, and re-tailored into her own. So my dress was passed down to each generation, from my great-grandmother, all the way to me. The fabric (which was surprisingly still white after all these years) was transformed into a beautiful Christian fashion, for each generation.

– Kaitlyn Hope

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