Relationship: Im/migrant

I began playing trombone in the 4th grade because I wanted to join the band and I thought the trombone was unique because of its slide. I had already been taking piano lessons for a few years, so I learned quickly and soon joined all the bands and orchestras I could, and played throughout high school and college. In college, I decided to study abroad at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam to learn about this city and its music scene. Two of my fellow American exchange students there, a bassist and a pianist, were Tulane University students. I had already been studying early pioneers such as Louis Armstrong and Kid Ory, but my classmates played me new music by New Orleanians Nicholas Payton, Christian Scott, Maurice Brown, and Astral Project, and never stopped praising the city. After graduating, I visited my friends in New Orleans, saw a ton of amazing music, and met many of the best performers. New Orleans seemed to brim with opportunities to perform and to grow, so I moved here. I’ve lived in New Orleans now for three years and I have played in many of the music venues throughout the city and on the streets, but I’m still learning every day, and trying my best to contribute something positive to this city which has given me so much. 

Place(s): New Orleans
Year: 2015

– Peter G.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant