Treasures from El Salvador

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My parents wedding picture.
My parents wedding picture.

My parents were born and raised in Central America, El Salvador up until they decided to migrate to the United States. Their decision to migrate to a completely new country was because they wanted to give their children more opportunities, and a better lifestyle. Similar to many other immigrants, my parents journey into this country was not easy. With only a few hundred dollars to his name, my dad arrived to the United States scared, but eager to work hard to make a life for himself, and his family. Four years later, in 1990 my dad managed to save enough money to bring my mom to the United States. I chose both of these pictures because they are very meaningful towards my family history, and towards my parents immigration story. My parents wedding picture represents their unity, and strength as a couple because despite going through many difficult times my parents were able to push through all of the negative things, which resulted in something very beautiful. The second picture represents my parents success, because after many years of living in this country as undocumented individuals my parents were finally able to obtain their citizenship in the late 2000s, which allowed them to travel. This is a souvenir they bought in El Salvador. 

Place(s): United States, El Salvador

– Brenda Elizabeth Pineda

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant