Falcon Tattoo

The tattoo, brand new.
The tattoo, brand new.

Falcon, my mom, has always been the only part of my family that I have ever known. The most important piece of my family culture and history has and always will be my mom. She had grown up to live independently from her parents and grandparents, who were constantly out of the picture. I had the top of my back tattooed in a tribal patterned Falcon, Falcon being my mom’s name. The tattoo signified the unconditional love of my mom and our freedom. It's significant to me because it represents how my mother raised me on her own and how we have the freedom to create our own story. Though I know little of my true cultural and family history, I know that members of my family are immigrants from many different countries. Members of my family had all immigrated to Hawaii, where my mom was raised.  Some parts of my family speak other languages like Japanese or Tagalog and are more connected with their cultures. I have only ever been in touch with my Hawaiian roots hence the tribal styled patterns used to design the falcon. I understand that I am not alone in my situation with many of my peers and close friends being immigrant children. Some of them know their family histories, dating as far back as the early 1800’s, but mine doesn't go beyond my grandmother. Despite the missing pieces of it, I’m content with my story. The Falcon not only represents my mom’s love and how she will have my back always, but it also represents how we can create our own story.

Place(s): Hawaii

– Kyren lamay

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant