Princess ring


So I understand that a ring might not be so interesting but the story behind it might connect with someone. What this ring means to me is something that I believe can be found when you find the right person in your life. For example my parents are still together, which most kids don’t have. My parents show an example that even when there is hardships, it does not mean that it is the end of the relationship. No matter how hard things get throughout the time you can work things out & still be together. The only thing is that the other person also has to have the same amount of care & love for the other person as well. The story of my parents is that when my mom & dad met their relationships was forbidden by my grandparents. Even with this they still decided that they would be together. They had lots of forks but they were able to manage & stay together for the fact being that they loved each other very much. When this ring was given to me I was that it is a promise that no matter what lies ahead that we shall overcome it & love each other as we did in the very beginning. When I look at this ring I think of my parents & how lucky is am going to be, because I strive be like my parents relationship. 

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