Traje Guatemalteco

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Traje Guatemalteco
Traje Guatemalteco

My mom and dad were both born in Guatemala. They speak Spanish and a Mayan language called K’iche.   I don’t know a lot about K’iche. I usually speak in Spanish with them. Traje Guatemalteco are clothes from Guatemala.  I chose this artifact because it reminds me of my country where my parents are from. These clothes are special because they are made out of cotton and silk.  There are many different clothes like dresses, pants, and shirts. 
Un traje Guatemalteco is not like a normal shirt and it looks different because it looks like a blanket. Also the pants look like cowboy pants. In Guatemala, there is a party every month in every town.  The mayor of the town picks the queen and they have a party. The boys and girls have a dress code.  All the girls wear the same dress and hat. The boys wear shorts and hats too.

In Guatemala there are 22 states and 21 different types of trajes Guatemaltecos. In every state they wear the same clothes because it is traditional everyday! Each state mimics each other. Then, they have a parade and a state copies another state's dress style. One day I want to watch the parades in Guatemala! 

Place(s): Guatemala


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant