Toyota Tercel XD 1995

This red car is a 1995 Toyota Tercel DX but it’s not just a random car to my family. This car means a lot to me and my family especially my dad. My dad lived in Mexico, Puebla where he didn’t grow up with many resources as many other kids had. He stopped attending school in the 5th grade because he wasn’t able to afford it and started to work at the age of 13. My dad always wanted a car specifically the Toyota and at the age of 15 he crossed the border to arrive at Los Angeles. My dad never gave up on that dream car which kept him striving each and everyday not giving up. My dad eventually got his car and still owns it which makes me really proud of him because today I’m the kid who will never give up on a dream that I want to obtain. This car has not given up on us and is still taking us around places in the city.

Year: 1995

– Rey

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