Valve Body

It all started at the year 1998, Couple months after I was born my father left his very own business to his family to live of it. He did not have enough money to open a new business, though he had to search for a new way to make a living. Since his passion is in cars, he stayed during the hot sunny day and the cold fearful night trying to learn and rebuild the valve body completely. After a couple of months, he made enough money from it to make his own business. After a couple of years the war started raging even more in Iraq, and it became unbearable and very unsafe to live there. We instantly left the country, after we arrived at the United States, he did not have any way to make money in this new country. He tried to work with his engineering college degree, but it was nearly impossible because college degrees from third world countries are less valued in the United States. He said “I have to give up my college degree that I studied 16 years to get it. Now I need to find a job that keeps the food on the table for us” He kept seeking for a job that pays enough to live in this expensive city. He did not find any since the jobs that are available for new immigrants are extremely low wages. At this point the valve body that he learned when he was younger was a lifesaver and an object to depend on, he found a job that pays him a decent amount of money with his skill of rebuilding the valve body and transmissions.

Year: 2016

– Hussam Jumah

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