Toyota Tacoma

The image above is the picture of a red Toyota Tacoma 2002. When my mom came from Mexico illegaly in late 90's, she only came with her five year old daughter and lived with my aunt. After working in handing out newspaper in the morning she was finally able to buy herself a car. From there she worked in many places, even served food at parties (catering). By herself, she had to get 2 jobs and left my older sister with my aunt. Later she met my dad and I was born. I chose this image because this truck took us everywhere. My dad works from 2 PM through 11 PM so we really didn't see him, only in the mornings and weekends. So all four of us had to ride in a 3 seated car. My mom risked herself just to get us everywhere. I also chose this image because it shows the hard work being paid off by mother when she got here. It wasn't easy being a single mother but she pulled it off. Her hard work paid off as my sister is attending college currently and I'm not far from college myself. Her hard work is slowly paying off.

Year: 2000

– Eduardo T.

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