Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My great great grandmothers Tortillera
My great great grandmothers Tortillera

This is a tortillera, it is used to make tortillas, hence the name. My family is from Mexico, but my parents immigrated and came to the United States to start a family and give us a good life. My grandmother already was in America since she came before my mom. So, my grandmother had the tortillera at the time. When my mom finally came to America in 2002, she didn't know anyone except her family. My grandmother passed the tortillera down to my mom as a welcome present. According to my mom, they made tortillas a few days after and invited all her family that was in America. From what my mom told me, this tortillera belonged to my great great grandmother and has been passed down 4 generations. My mom has taught me and my sisters how to use this and how to make la masa. I remember during the holidays, my grandma got me one just like it, but it was tiny. I used it every chance I got. Unfortunately it broke. It was the only thing I had left of my grandmother since went back to Mexico. But i was okay because I knew the original tortillera was in my kitchen. My family always has gatherings and parties that allow all our family to come together and bond. We always make a lot of food, so we also made tortillas. We would put music on and make tortillas for the whole family. My mom has 3 daughters, so she must choose one of us to pass this down to. It will most likely be my older sister since she already has a daughter. For now though, we have to wait to see who it will pass down to. 

Place(s): Mexico and America
Year: 2002

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant