Bonnet and Mac and Cheese

This is me wearing my bonnet!
This is me wearing my bonnet!

Most of my family were born in America but originate from different areas in Africa and with our hair type, we often use bonnets. Everyone on my dad’s side of the family has really delicate and precious hair that needs to be protected daily. The way that it can be protected is through the usage of the bonnet and it being silky and smooth enough to endure the night. It can also maintain the health and possible destructions that are able to take place throughout the day. Bonnets are often used in the Black community, but anyone that has a curlier texture type of hair might want to use it as well to protect their hair. Bonnets are amazing and very appreciated in my family’s cultural identity, as it is a sacred keepsake. 
Another object that can describe my family’s cultural identity is a dish. Baked macaroni and cheese is a dish, which is a comforting food, something that my family makes every special occasion to serve to everyone. The macaroni tastes like a warm, delicate, and cheesy soft noodle food that can melt in your mouth. Every occasion, everyone seems to look forward to it based on the amount of people who go for seconds and sometimes thirds. It is a keepsake and not only represents our culture but our American side. It isn’t meant to be a very different nor special dish in America, it is expected on special occasions for America but it is the specific recipe that was passed down from my grandma and her grandma which makes it special to us. This baked macaroni and cheese isn’t just a dish that we eat but we savour and look forward to when bonding over everything else.

Place(s): America

– Savannah M.

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