Pasteles en Hoja


          During the 1990’s Puerto Rico’s economy was not doing too well. As an incentive Major Corporations were granted an exemptions (section 936) from Federal taxes on any income made in Puerto Rico. As a result, many companies began to open in Puerto Rico which resulted in more employment opportunities for the citizens of Puerto Rico. When Pfizer came to my grandfather’s hometown all the residents were excited for the opportunity to gain employment with them. When Clinton mentioned the phasing out the section 936, Pfizer began cutting his hours and eventually laid off my grandfather and many of his colleagues. Once he and his colleagues began to lose hours at their “secured” job, they began to notice that “this was the beginning to the end of something good in his hometown” as he put it. Like many other Puerto Ricans, my grandpa and many of his colleagues decided to go to the United States to seek employment. Due to my grandfather's limited english and level of education a factory job was his only option. With his minimum wage job my grandfather supported the family financially, while my grandmother cared after the children and the home. Along with my grandparents’ move to the United States they brought over one of my favorite Puerto Rican Dishes. The Pasteles en Hoja are made of unripe bananas and are often times stuffed with pork or chicken. Although my grandparents were left with no choice but to come to the land of opportunity, they were also able to bring along with them a piece of Puerto Rico.

Place(s): Puerto Rico

– SN

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant