Three Kings

Three Kings
Three Kings

My family has these 3 king figures for a while. They’ve been there at Christmas ever since I was born. I can’t remember a holiday when they weren’t on a mantle somewhere. They were passed down from my grandmother to my mother and her mother gave it to her. They were probably purchased in Canada. They were migrated to England probably during the time when my parents lived there before me. They weren’t brought to America long ago. My family was the one who brought it to America 4 years ago. Today they remain with us in Rye, New York. 
The Three Kings story dates back really far. There is no set date but it's said to be originated from the middle-east. Many people know of the story of the Three Kings and how wise they were. They have many names such as magi, wise men, three wise men. These men traveled on camels following a star towards Bethlehem where baby Jesus rested. These kings brought jewels and riches such as gold. 
They’re made of wood and fabric. The kings are painted and designed very differently from each other. They all have beards and robes and are carrying a gift. But those designs and colors vary. Their capes are velvet or a type of velvety fabric. Their bottoms have no feet due to the fact of their long robes. They stand together in a line on the mantle. In England, they stood on our bookshelves near a little Christmas town set. Now they reside on our windowsill or table when it's the holiday season. 

Place(s): Canada, New York


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