The Virgin Mary

My father was about 17 or 18 years when he left his home, not because was he forced to. He left in search of something new, and better. Although he was scared it wasn’t because he was going somewhere unknown, but the fact that he was leaving his family behind. Especially since being the oldest son, he bared the responsibility to always care for his parents. Like the love of any child to their parents, my father wanted to give them a better life. Before his departure, my grandmother gave him a small photo of the Virgin Mary. She wanted him to know that regardless of where he was, she and the Virgin Mary would always be there for him. My father eventually saw my grandmother again when he married my mother. But it was for a short reunion, since he later left home to his new found family. Father always kept in contact with my grandmother but, it wasn’t the same for they would not meet in person until a distant time. Years passed, and my older sister and I were born. Unfortunately my grandmother got ill one day, and passed away during the night. My father reunited with his mother one last time with the support, and help of my mother and uncle. Even though she’s not here anymore, the photo my grandmother gave him will always hold a special place in my father’s heart and bring back fond memories of her.

Year: 1988

– Stephanie

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