The Teal

This is a picture of the boat last year.
This is a picture of the boat last year.

 “The Teal” is a boat my family has had for several generations. It’s made out of Mahogany wood from before 1907, its motor is an electric motor from 1907. It was built in Bayonne, New Jersey. My Great Grandfather bought the boat in 1932 to use it on the lake he lived on, Tuxedo Park lake. He immigrated from Denmark to New York for work purposes. The boat is still currently kept in a boathouse on Tuxedo Park Lake, my dad goes up there frequently to maintain it. I loved going on the boat with him and he would tell me stories about all the memories on the lake from when he was a child. The Teal is about 114 years old and every Spring and Summer we go out on the boat and admire the houses on the lake.  My dad and grandfather grew up in Tuxedo Park and they have always been passionate about the boat and the town’s history. I think this is a big part of my identity because three generations in my family have lived in this town. My Grandma still lives there today, and I love visiting her to go on the boat and marvel at the history it holds within it.

Place(s): Denmark

– T.S

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more