Lapis Stone

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Never forget where you came from. The Lapis stone on my shelf reminds me of who I am and where I came from. My uncle brought it from my grandmother’s house in Afghanistan after she passed away. It gave me hope and reminded me that I grew up surrounded by survivors. My mother struggled at an early age. Growing up in war-torn Afghanistan, her father was kidnapped at age fourteen. Alone with her five younger siblings, my mother stopped pursuing her education to give her remaining family a quality life. Every time my uncles tell me the stories of my mother’s countless sacrifices, I feel proud. I still can’t imagine how a fourteen-year-old girl in a patriarchal nation was able to act as the father for her five siblings. My mother’s big-heartedness has become a part of me. She has motivated me to give back to my community and work hard at what I do. Her constant kindness had encouraged me to begin tutoring students after school.Whenever I see this Lapis gem I think of all the things my mother has done for me. It helps me and her keep a smile on our face. Despite listening to the news and hearing the there was another bombing in Afghanistan, the pure blue color echoes hope. The Lapis reminds my mom that Afghanistan was a beautiful place and has potential to get back on its feet I have realized that my actions are the reflections of my mother’s sacrifices. It is in my DNA.

Place(s): Afghanistan

– Atef Fayed

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant